Health – Peace – Nature

Feel good and enjoy. A perfect mixture of familiar and exclusive comfort is waiting for you, not only in the friendly inns and modern guest houses but also in the 4-star hotel directly at Bad Bocklet's "Kurpark".


GEOGRAPHY / RESORT DESCRIPTION: Nestling in the picturesque landscape of the Fränkische Saale river is the traditional Bavarian State Spa Bad Bocklet, in the midst of the spa region of the Bavarian Rhön region. If you follow the Saale downstream, you reach the gentle rolling hills of the Franconian wine-growing region with the famous vineyards around Hammelburg.

HISTORY / PERSONALITIES: Famous figures of the German high aristocracy relaxed in Bad Bocklet over 200 years ago. The historical buildings are witnesses to this great history. The medicinal spring was found in 1724 by the Aschach pastor Georg Christoph Schöppner. Through this, Bad Bocklet attracted the attention of the Prince Bishops of Würzburg, and the first wooden bath house was built as early as 1754. Bad Bocklet became a popular summer resort for the Würzburg canons and prelates. In 1844, for example, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Maria of Bavaria was a guest, and as Queen she repeated her successful cure in Bad Bocklet in 1852. The Austrian Empress Elisabeth ("Sissi") also visited Bad Bocklet. In 1937 Bad Bocklet was granted the right to bear the title "Spa" by the then Reich Governor of Bavaria, Franz von Epp. The main focus of events in the Bad Bocklet spa is the "Kurgarten". This was renovated in 1988/89, by using the main and secondary paths to create four compartments, with each compartment representing a small garden. Thousands of brightly coloured, alternating flowers, shrubs, roses and bushes give the "Kurgarten" its magical character and its special, graceful atmosphere. 


In Bad Bocklet it is possible to combine a stay in a holiday resort with a private cure. For example, various package holidays like the "Cure week" can easily be combined with a holiday in the Saale region, which is steeped in tradition.

Beside the "Kurgarten" with its surrounding buildings, the main point of focus is the "Kursaal", where various events as well as the concerts of the spa orchestra take place. The fountain building and the sanatorium with its exercise bath, as well as the variety of health and relaxation options, offer a wide range of services for the holidaymaker interested in health and well-being.

DESCRIPTION / HOSTS: The choice of accommodation in Bad Bocklet is wide and varied. In the four-star Kunzmann’s Hotel with its modern health oasis on over 1000 m², as well as medical care, guests can look forward to professional care by spa doctors, among other things. The Bad Bocklet Rehabilitation and Prevention Centre with its affiliated Park Hotel allows a magnificent view of the valley of the Saale. With its four special areas of orthopaedics, internal medicine, psychosomatics and geriatrics, the Rehabilitation Centre offers interdisciplinary health services.  Numerous other hotels / bed and breakfast guest houses / spa houses and holiday apartments offer accommodation in Bad Bocklet. For motor caravan users there are 13 mobile home parking areas with excellent infrastructure, directly opposite the entrance to the "Kurpark".

CULTURE: Throughout the whole year a diverse mixture of German folk music, variety shows, cabaret and chamber music is on offer. The Bad Bocklet Spring Music Festival – a small, high-calibre series of concerts – puts not only young soloists from the classical scene on stage, but also offers choir concerts and cross-over events. The programme on Aschach Castle is varied: Open-air events in the romantic courtyard as well as the "Aschach Spätlese" will delight the public, and the wide range of special exhibitions is a true revelation.


Tips for your leisure time in Bad Bocklet: A visit to the museum in Aschach Castle, long refreshing walks along the banks of the Saale, relaxing cycle tours through the valley of the Saale. Nordic walking on one of the three certified routes.  Those who are active in the morning can start their day with some early-morning gymnastics in the atmosphere of the fountain building.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Twice a year, the traditional "Kurgarten" illumination event with thousands of candles and lanterns creates an unforgettable atmosphere in the idyllic "Kurgarten". There is also Franconian music and, as a grand finale, a firework show that puts everything else in the shade. Or how about a romantic trip in Germany's only four-horse-drawn stagecoach?


  • The "Kurgarten" in Bad Bocklet with its unique gardens in the shape of a bishop's mitre
  • Aschach Castle with its three museums is one of the most interesting monuments in Lower Franconia
  • The Riemenschneider Crucifix in Steinach – a masterpiece by the famous Franconian master Tilmann Riemenschneider


  • The fountain building, borne by six massive pairs of Tuscan pillars, contains the medicinal spring water bubbling from the four pipes of a copper boiler into a fountain bowl.
  • The nature trail in the Aschach district - accompanied by numerous attractions, for example a lake in the woods, birds hand-carved from tree trunks and a path for walking barefoot

The therapeutic indications:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Vascular diseases
  • Diseases of the rheumatic morphogenetic region
  • Illnesses of the spinal column
  • Diseases of the nervous system
  • Gynaecological diseases


  • By nature, the Balthasar Neumann Spring is a ferriferous acidulated spring with a large number of vital components; on account of the high iron content it is also called the steel spring. It is the spring with the highest iron content in Germany.

The Therapies:

  • Drinking cure
  • Bathing cure
  • Natural mud baths
  • Schroth cures and fasting cures

SPECIALIST CLINICS for treating diseases:

  • Internal medicine
  • Orthopaedics
  • Psychosomatics
  • Geriatrics


Staatsbad und Touristik Bad Bocklet GmbH
Tourist information: Kurhausstrasse 2,    97708 Bad Bocklet
Tel: 09708/70703-0,    Fax: 09708/70703-9
E-mail:    Internet: www.badbocklet.deexterner Link

Opening hours / Guest information:
Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. and 1.00 p.m. – 16.30 p.m.;     Saturday: 9 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.

Tours: Tour through the gardens, herb hike, sight-seeing tour of the sanatorium

Notes for persons with impaired mobility: There is level access to the spa facilities

How to reach us: by rail: via Würzburg, Fulda or Gemünden to Bad Kissingen (from there to Bad Bocklet by bus). by bus: direct connection from Fulda, Frankfurt, Leipzig or Berlin, or from the Frankfurt and Kassel regions, or from Fulda: special bus service; by car: via A7  and A71

Parking lots for cars and buses: Saale meadows, opposite the entrance to the "Kurpark"

Guest card / Services: Spa taxes payable